Monday, October 21, 2013

What is an AGM and Why should I attend?

The PSA Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be taking place on the 31st of October at 4.30pm, in Law Lecture Theatre 1.

The PSA AGM has three main purposes:

   1)      The PSA President and Treasurer give reports.
Want to know what the PSA has been doing for you all year? Want to know how we have spent out budget? Now is your chance to hear all about it, and ask some questions.

   2)      Vote and discuss any big issues in regards to postgrads and the PSA.
Most issues the PSA Committee and executive can deal with on their own, but occasionally we want input from the rest of you! This year we will be making some *minor* changes to the Constitution (the big ones went through at the SGM- but we made some typos that need to be corrected).
We would also like to ask you all what YOU want out of your PSA. What should we be doing for you in 2014 and beyond?

   3)      Elect the 2014 PSA Committee.
Usually nominations will run before the AGM. Those that nominate for positions will then be elected at the AGM. This year we only had singular nominations for 2014 PSA Committee positions so many positions are already filled. However, there are many positions that received no nominations and have therefore not been filled. At the AGM we are allowed to take nominations from the floor to fill position on the 2014 PSA Committee.
Positions that we still have open are:      Media Officer,
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Officer, Events Officer,
Off Campus Officer,
Arts Faculty Representative
Education Faculty Representative
ALVA Faculty Representative
Law Faculty Representative
MDHS Faculty Representative
Ordinary Committee Members (two)

Need a little incentive to come to the AGM? We will have providing free pizza at the AGM!

AND the November Connect will be shifted to be AFTER the AGM on October 31st.  The kicker- if you want to come to the Connect, you have to attend the AGM first- we will be ticking off names, and giving out arm bands to enforce this. 

2014 PSA Committee Nominations

As you would all know by now nominations for the 2014 PSA Committee closed at 5pm 17/10/2013.

Several nominations were received- however they were all received for different positions. In light of this none of the nominations received have been contested. According to our election regulations:

‘Subject to Regulation 8.1, where the number of nominees is less than, or equal to, the number of persons to be elected to an Elected Office-Bearer position, the:
(a) Retuning Officers shall not conduct a ballot; and
(b) nominees shall be deemed to be elected’

This means that the people who have nominated for positions (prior to 5pm yesterday) are now elected to the positions that they nominated for.

The positions that have now been filled on the 2014 PSA Committee are as follows:




Congratulations to the new 2014 PSA Committee Members!

The positions that did not receive nominations during the nomination period will remain unfilled until the AGM. At the PSA AGM (31st of October 4.30pm mark off/ registration, 5pm start, Law Lecture Theatre 1) nominations will be taken from the floor for open positions, as per our election regulations and constitution.

The positions that did not receive nominations at this time are as follows:

Office Bearers:
Faculty Representatives:

If you are interested in filling any of these positions I highly recommend that you attend the PSA AGM to make your nomination from the floor.