Monday, March 5, 2012

Casual Staff and Marking Pay

Hi Postgrads,

A heads up to those that are casual tutors.  At the end of 2010 the Academic Staff Agreement was renegotiated.  This affects you because it was agreed that casual staff would be paid for marking that occurs outside of class time.  That is, any assignments that students hand in that are separate from in-class work. (i.e. research essays).  Any tutors who do this type of marking should be paid.

This new arrangement came into force in the second semester of 2011.   However, a large number of tutors in Arts have had problems getting paid in a timely manner. 

In response to this situation, as PSA Arts Faculty representative, I have raised the issue with the Dean of Arts, and talked to the Faculty Manager Scott Sullivan.  He has apologized for the delay, noting it has taken the faculty longer than foreseen to consult and negotiate with unit coordinators to standardise marking loads across units and identify which units have assessments that require marking outside of class.

I was assured that eligible tutors (that the faculty are aware of) would be paid on 7th of February for marking.  Scott says they may still have missed some eligible tutors and advises anyone who thinks they may have been eligible for marking pay to contact their school’s manager:

Social and Cultural Studies: Tim Stewart

6488 284

Humanities: Vicki Wilson
6488 2170

Systems should now be in place to prevent a repeat of the delays to marking pay this year.  But keep me posted if there are further problems in Arts.  My email is

If there have been similar problems with tutorial marking pay for Semester 2 2011 in other Faculties, please let your PSA Faculty Representative know.  If you are unsure who your representative is, contact Aisling at


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