Monday, June 10, 2013

PSA Conference Travel Award Report

PSA Conference Travel Award Report

Last March 2013, I was awarded a PSA Conference Travel Award to attend the ‘National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute Mitochondrial Biology Symposium 2013’, in Washington DC, USA and present my work on RNA Processing in Human Mitochondria. As a PhD student in the last year of this graduate journey, this was a fantastic opportunity and I am grateful to the PSA for contributing towards my travel expenses. Attending the conference opened my eyes to a world of research in my field that I could have never encountered in local or national conferences, as the mitochondrial research field is still in its early stages in Australia. I was able to chat with some of the world experts in my area of research and I even felt confident enough to question some of the results presented. The presentations I attended were of great quality and also provided me with some ideas for experiments for my own project. Finally, I had the opportunity to visit Washington DC, which I found surprisingly clean, multicultural and interesting, with a multitude of museums and art galleries. Tulips were blossoming all around the city, welcoming spring and although I had a vague sense of being constantly watched, as security is obviously tight all around the city, I would recommend a trip to anyone.

Thanks PSA for making my trip possible!

- Maria Lopez Sanchez 

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