Thursday, May 3, 2012

Newsletter 3rd of May 2012

Hi there postgrads!

Do you find my normal newsletters too long?  I’m trying a different approach this time, let me know what you think! I'd like to merge it with the purple box formatting if you like the more concise style.

      ALBANY STUDENTS: I’m coming to visit this Friday! I don’t know if you have a formal branch of the association down there (or anyone is interested in starting one) but I’ll be down on Senate business for one day, so send me an email if anyone would like to meet up.
·     HUMANITIES STUDENTS: There is a Masterclass you should go to! It’s about articulating the impact of your research. See more here:
·     SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING STUDENTS: There is also a Masterclass for you! It’s also about articulating the impact of your research. See more here:
·     QUIZ NIGHT: There is free pizza! There are prizes sponsored by T. Sharpe and Co., Uni Club, Co-op and more! There are questions! There is a raffle!
I know there have been difficulties getting tables registered – my profuse apologies! We’re bringing the forms to Connect, so you can also register a table there. Bring 8 names, and $10 from each person and you’ll be set.
·     CONNECT: Thursday the 3rd at 5pm, Uni Club Balcony – be there or be square. I unfortunately can’t stay for the whole time, but hope to catch up with at least some of you!
·     SLEEPY PEOPLE:  Sherilyn Tan is a psychology honours student at UWA looking for participants between the ages of 25-50 to participate in her honours project as part of the "Sleep Across the Lifespan" study. Participants will be asked to complete a series of questionnaires regarding sleep, general well-being and mood. Anyone who would like more information or is interested in participating may email her at
·     PSYCHOLOGY STUDENTS: I want to make a survey for postgrads, but I’m a History student! I don’t know how to measure what people think and feel, but if you do and want to help PSA and other postgrads, please email me!
·     LAW STUDENTS: You don’t have a faculty rep! This makes me sad – so nominate yourself or an unwitting currently enrolled friend in that faculty by emailing me!
·     COURSEWORK STUDENTS: You don’t have an officer! This makes me sad as well – so nominate yourself or an unwitting currently enrolled friend in a coursework course by emailing me!
·     COURSEWORK STUDENTS: Ideas are being floated about where postgrad coursework students should fit into the structure of student representation. I think you should stay with the PSA – because you’re postgrads who have different issues, focuses, and priorities to undergraduates. The Guild is talking about taking over representing you – so you would go through their structures rather than the PSA when you have a problem. I want to know what idea you prefer. Lacking a coursework officer, I’d appreciate it if you could talk about this with other postgrad coursework students and let me know your thoughts through email/Connect/Quiz Night.
·     LOUNGE USERS/FANS: I think it’s excellent and very important that the PSA/Guild provide a free space dedicated for postgraduate students to use. Do you agree? Do you use the lounge, for discussion groups, seminars, chilling out, or other? Do you disagree? Please send me an email so I can push for us to keep a lounge as the Guild reorganises the distribution of space.
·     PSA TRAVEL GRANTS: Close on Friday at 5pm! Don’t miss out, get your applications in!
·     PSA SMALL GRANTS: Guess when they close? Friday at 5pm! Don’t miss out, get your applications in! (please)
·     COURSEWORK STUDENTS: (I think you’re secretly my favourites) How do you like the application procedures for your courses? What do you think of the information you have available? How accessible is it? Guess what I’d like you to do with the thoughts you’re having right now – write them in an email and send them to me!

I think that is everything! I can always send you more emails... so if you reply to this one you might just keep me busy enough to minimise my (lovingly sent) spam.

Also, please pass on these links for me:
Facebook page:
Mailing list:

Have a lovely end to the week postgrads – let me know of any problems/concerns/queries/successes/births/deaths/marriages/alligators.

Kind regards,
Aisling Blackmore
President, UWA Postgraduate Students' Association
Phone: 6488 3194

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