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Newsletter 27th of February 2013


Now that I have all of your attention, welcome to the first week of first semester! Only 12.5 teaching weeks to go until semester break which means sweet blissful holidays for the coursework students. For all of you PhD students out there, only 12.5 weeks to go until all of the food venues on campus shut down again and you end up so hungry that anything….even your thesis, looks good to eat.

The last couple of weeks have been really very busy- hence the horrible long newsletter this week. Please check it out all the way to the bottom there are some awesome seminars, workshops, and opportunities on offer!

O’Week was last week and the PSA attended the coursework postgraduate orientations. There I got to meet a bunch of you. The PSA then had a stall at O’Day were we met a bunch more. At O’Day 24 good looking people purchased PSA t-shirts to makes themselves even more good looking. If you want to be a good looking person too, stop by the PSA Office to buy a PSA t-shirt for $5, or come to our next connect and buy one there.

Speaking of O’Day….and stickers, the PSA stickers arrived at 2.30 on Friday- just in time to miss O’Day. So I am very sorry to those that came down to get a sticker and we did not have one. I have the stickers in the PSA Office (Room 1.03 Guild South Wing- the floor below the medical centre) if anyone would like to stop by and pick one up.

Our next Connect it next Thursday the 7th of March. Please remember to come on down, grab a free drink, eat some free chips and connect with your fellow postgraduates (sorry I could not resist using the connect pun). Remember it is between 5 and 6pm at the Uni Club! I look forward to meeting many of you there.

In educational news- the PSA is co-hosting a professional development Seminar with the Office of Industry and Innovation. The Seminar will be held on the 20th of March from 9am and run for around 2 hours. The venue will be on campus, but the final destination is still TBA. The Seminar will be an introduction to Intellectual Property, UWA policies governing Intellectual Property as well as Commercialisation and Assessment of IP.  The Seminar is designed to apply to all faculties from Arts and Business to Engineering and Science. If you are interested please RSVP for catering purposes to before the 13th of March.  

The PSA now officially has a new Engineering Faculty Representative- Cany Jobe! Welcome Cany!

I’m pretty sure that is all for this week. Except I will to apologise….again….for accidentally sending that email out to the whole mailing list. A happy side effect- one of our subscribers emailed me back to give me a possible solution to the problem. You are such a knowledgeable bunch!

‘till next week,
Gemma Bothe



2013 PSA Committee welcomes our new Engineering Faculty Representative- Cany Jobe

There is still a positions open on the 2013 committee, so if you’ve got the desire to volunteer and a passion for postgraduates, shoot me an email!

New members welcome for:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Officer

The PSA is co-hosting a professional development Seminar with the Office of Industry and Innovation.
The Seminar will be held on the 20th of March from 9am and run for around 2 hours. The venue will be on campus but the final destination is TBA.

The Seminar will be an introduction to Intellectual Property, UWA policies governing Intellectual Property as well as Commercialisation and Assessment of IP.  The Seminar is designed to apply to all faculties from Arts and Business to Engineering and Science.

 If you are interested please RSVP for catering purposes to before the 13th of March.  

Next PSA Connect: 7th of March at the Uni Club 5-6pm


The PSA is featuring in the Guild's Centenary publication! The PSA has had two primary goals since it's establishment  to provide a voice for UWA postgrads, and to help postgrads from different departments and faculties interact with each other.
We want to include how you feel about these goals - has PSA done this for you? Send a couple of lines with your views about the PSA to Stephanie


A Lecture by Director and Playwright, David Milroy

Fire: a collection of stories, poems and visual images (Margaret River Press, 2013) is a collection of stories, poems and images that includes rich and diverse range of responses to fire from local and national award winning writers and poets. Works include David Milroy’s story, ‘Walardu and Karla’ set in the Kimberley. In this lecture David Milroy will explore some of the dimensions of fire as it has shaped his experience of the land, as a Palyku and a Western Australian.
Join us after the lecture when Winthrop Professor Carmen Lawrence will launch the anthology.

5 March, 6pm,  Fox Lecture Theatre (G.59), Arts Building, UWA, Free, but RSVP essential. 
Bookings: or RSVP or 6488 1340

Abrupt Climate Change in the Arctic: Why should we care?
An Inquiring Minds lecture by Professor Carlos M. Duarte, Director, UWA Oceans Institute.
The Arctic is the least studied of all regions of the planet, but also that which has warmed fastest to-date and which is predicted to continue to do so throughout the 21st century. Rapid melting of ice in Greenland and the Arctic Ocean have both shown catastrophic acceleration in 2012, qualifying the changes in the Arctic as “dangerous climate change” as per the UN Climate Convention. While there are some positives, such as ease of access to resources in the Arctic, the forces that the rapid changes in the Arctic can unlock are phenomenal, and can propagate a wave of change for the rest of the planet.
13 March 2013, 6pm, University Club Theatre Auditorium, UWA, Free, but RSVP essential. 
Bookings: or RSVP or 6488 1340

Are you currently teaching at UWA?

Please join us at the 2013 UWA Sessional Staff Development Day.

Date: Saturday, 13 April
This will the university to
-                    Thank you for your contribution
-                    Provide an opportunity to join and develop a supportive community of sessional    teachers at       UWA
-                    Provide tangible advice to induct and support you in your teaching role

UWA recognizes and values the role of its sessional teachers in delivering quality learning experiences to its students.
Whether experienced or new to teaching, attendance promises to be worthwhile and enjoyable!
More information and free registration available at:


The latest version of the citation management software EndNote (X6) is now available for UWA staff and students to download. X6 offers an updated interface and several new features, including a function for syncing references with an online EndNote Web account. To learn more and download the program, visit our EndNote page:
It is recommended that you uninstall previous versions of EndNote before upgrading. Files created with older versions can still be used in EndNote X6.
Questions? Please ask us.
Caroline Clark | Faculty Liaison Coordinator
Reid Arts and Business Library
The University of Western Australia
Information Services M209
Work days: Mon, Tue, Wed
Ph: +61 8 6488 8780



Are you a newly enrolled HDR student and want to know more about writing a research proposal? This Friday the Graduate Education Officers will be running a seminar on “How to prepare & submit a research proposal” that will provide an overview of how to write and submit a research proposal at UWA, the board review process, common reasons why the board requires amendments, and useful resources. No need to register, just come along at 1pm to the Gentilli Lecture Theatre (Room 131) Geography & Geology Building, Friday 22 February. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr Jo Edmondston (<> P: 6488 7010).


Small Group Teaching: Seminars & Tutorials
Date: Thursday 28 February 2013
Time: 9.30am – 12.30pm
Venue: Love House, Seminar Room 1
Intended Audience: This workshop is aimed at those of you who are new to tutoring or who are looking to develop your teaching skills. Tutors, including postgraduate students, teaching in any subject area.
(Note: Business students should contactProfessor Phil Hancock for subject-specific workshops.)
At the conclusion of the workshop you will:
·better understand the purpose of seminars and tutorials and your role as tutor
·be able to establish and maintain a supportive learning environment that recognises and accommodates diversity
·have a range of strategies from which you can draw to engage students in the learning process
·be able to address management issues in the classroom.


Limina Conference 2013
Exclusivity: Boundaries of Difference
To celebrate the launch of volume 19 of LIMINA: A Journal of Historical and Cultural Studies the Collective is pleased to announce that:
The 8th Annual Limina Conference will be held on Friday June 14, 2013 at the University of Western Australia, Perth. This conference will explore notions of exclusivity with Professor Jane Lydon, Future Fellow at the University of Western Australia, as keynote speaker. We especially encourage submissions that incorporate the notion with reference to concepts of ‘community’. The concept of ‘community’ is commonly talked about in celebratory terms, but always necessitates an
Other.  The conference aims to foster a supportive environment in which current post-graduates and early career researchers can present their own research whilst investigating the complexities of exclusion. We welcome papers from the disciplines of historical and cultural studies that discuss ideas of exclusivity, for example, but not limited to change and continuity in:
Race/ethic/national identity
Social classes/boundaries
Popular culture
Cyber culture
Genre and theoretical boundaries
We welcome individual and panel session submissions of three papers. Each presenter will have 20 minutes presentation and 10 minutes discussion time.  All submissions should include a title, biography and abstract of no more than 250 words in MS Word or RTF Format. Please submit abstracts to For more information please visit our website or contact us at The final submission date for abstracts is April 10, 2013.

Teaching and Learning Research Colloquium 2013
Date: Thursday 6th June 2013
Time: 8:45-12:00.
Venue: University Club, Seminar Rooms 1 and 2
You are invited to disseminate your research in Teaching and Learning at UWA.
The Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning (CATL) and the Educational Strategies Office are pleased to host the annual Teaching and Learning Research Colloquium as part of Teaching and Learning Week at UWA in 2013.

Expressions of Interest are now open

We are calling for expressions of interest from anyone who is actively engaged with the scholarship of teaching and learning at UWA and would like to share their research with others in a presentation to your colleagues.

Please submit an Expression of Interest in the form of an abstract by Monday 8th April 2013 to

Key Dates:
Monday 8th April 2013 – Expressions of interest due
Monday 29th April 2013 – Draft schedule published
Thursday 6th June 2013 Colloquium (Time; 8.45-12.00pm) Venue; University Club

Expression of Interest – include your school / discipline, title of presentation, and an abstract of 300 words
Presentations – 20 minutes with 10 minutes for discussion (subject to change)
Publication – abstracts will be published on the web prior to the colloquium; presentations will be published on the web following the colloquium

Please forward this message on to anyone who might be interested in the colloquium and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Rashmi Watson
6488 3968

Employment Law Australia Masterclass
28 May 2013. Sydney, Australia
30 May 2013, Perth, Australia

Register by 8th Mar 2013 to enjoy 200 AUD off


Employment law is constantly evolving and it is a challenge to keep up with the changes. This Masterclass looks at the current hot topics which those involved in HR face on a daily basis. It usefully combines formal presentations with informal workshops and real life case studies on typical scenarios in the workplace.

Learning Objectives:
 *   Protecting your Organization Against Costly Adverse Action Claims
 *   Analysing what Makes up an Effective Enterprise Agreement
 *   Grasping the Full Impact of the New Work Health & Safety Legislation
 *   Protecting Your Company Against Unfair and Unlawful Termination of Contract
 *   Errant Employees and Employee Poaching – Defence Strategies and Remedies
 *   Investigating and curbing Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace
 *   Examining the Growing Area of Social Networking Case Law
 *   Protecting Confidentiality and Establishing Enforceable Restraints of Trade

Who Should Attend:
 *   HR practitioners and personnel professionals
 *   Employment law advisors
 *   In-House lawyers and solicitors
 *   Employee relations professionals
 *   CEO/MD/President/Directors/Line Managers
 *   Business Owners

Course Agenda:
Management of Ill and Injured Employees: Understand the complexities in managing absent or recovering employees - to allow better engagement with employees, insurance companies and specialist advisorsPrevention is Better than Cure: Protecting your Organisation Against Costly Adverse Action Claims
Examine growing case law to understand organisational and personal liabilities, and to learn how to defend yourself and your organisation against adverse action claims

Participants required!

Participant Recruitment to research the lived experiences of PhD students in Australian HE
This project has Swinburne University Human Research Ethics Committee Project 2012/300 Ethics Clearance. I would like to recruit a diverse cohort of PhD students – domestic and international, different stage of PhD, varying age groups, gender and research discipline - to explore ‘what the lived experience’ of a PhD student in present day Australia actually is.
The study is taking a longitudinal approach and participation will involve participants communicating their experiences with me monthly, for three to a maximum of 12 months. The method to record their experiences is flexible, and based on the findings of a pilot study, participation takes approximately 1 hour per month
Possible value for the research participants may include: promoting a collaborative culture; satisfaction from assisting a fellow PhD candidate through the data collection stage; Establishing a new connection with a potential future academic from a different university; and describing their own PhD journey may be therapeutic. Especially for those cruising through stressful stages of their candidature.
Anyone interested in participating can contact me directly on: Angele Jones, or 0409 833688


UWA Student Guild - Co-Op Textbook Grants for Students

As a new semester approaches the UWA Student Guild Officers – Finance & Welfare, would like to let you know we have available Guild Textbook Grants in the form of Co-Op Textbook vouchers of up to $250 for students who are finding it difficult to purchase essential textbooks.

Attached is the application form, for further information please see the following link - or feel free to contact either of us; Emmaline Turley  on or Jessica Toon on

News from IT!

Student IT Support in 2013
Information Services have revised the way student IT support is offered and have written a guest blog-post outlining how it will work in 2013.  Instead of referring students to SISO (which is no longer in operation) students can visitaskUWA or their subject library for IT support.

Assignment and study advice expanded in 2013
The STUDYSmarter team have also extended the drop-in sessions offered to students for advice on writing, study skills and numeracy.  This blog postoutlines the ways students can see an advisor (no appointment needed) or you can check the weblinks for the WRITESmart drop-in(ma+hs)Smart drop-in and online drop-in sessions

Also new in 2013
Just for today I’ll also include some content being used on our student-facing social media channels. Check out this Facebook photo album of things that are new on campus for 2013. We’ll be adding to it this week as students send us their photos.

A Photo Op with History!

You are invited to join us mark the 100th anniversary of the first meeting of the University of Western Australia’s Convocation.
Whilst researching the history of UWA’s Convocation Joan Pope discovered that the First meeting was held on March 4th 1913 in St George’s Hall, Hay St near the corner of Irwin Street. The historic façade including the portico, steps and tall white columns were restored when the new Perth District Court was constructed behind it at 500 Hay Street. To celebrate the Centenary of this meeting, a photo-shoot of 100 graduates will take place on the steps of the façade at 10am on Monday March 4th 2013.

The UWA Historical Society, would be delighted if you could join us.

If you have academic robes, please bring them. If not please come anyway, as having just a few robed members will provide the ‘flavour’. Balloons for a joint release will be provided.

Monday March 4th is a public Holiday (Labour Day) and as such should make Perth city easier to access (except by public transport) in terms of traffic and parking. There should be nearby street parking available and there is a public parking station across the road at King’s Hotel.

Please RSVP to or by phone to Fran Pesich on 9364 6269 by Thursday 28th February 2013. For more information, go to the UWAHS web site at:

PSA Lounge: Use it!

The PSA Lounge will be open for use by any postgraduate student anytime. In case the door is locked you can pick up the keys from the Guild reception.

Hear Hear!

Let's pat ourselves on the back! If you know any UWA postgrads who have done anything exceptional in their field of late let us know and we'll include a shoutout in the newsletter and blogposts! We're proud of out posties and would love to celebrate your achievements!


Check your student email!! Your student email is where the GRS communicates with you – regardless of if you have a staff account, or still use the same Hotmail account you set up when you were 12 years old. Check that and StudentConnect at least once a week to ensure that you don’t have any outstanding fines, fees, milestones which might lead to an encumbrance – this would prevent the automatic re-enrollment of research students! Bad times for everyone.

TL;DR – don’t start whinging if you’re not re-enrolled, check your student email now.

Do you want to put a notice in the newsletter? You should email me! I’ll spruik most things related to postgrads, professional development, and activities. Newsletter day is currently Wednesday, so email two sentences and any links to<> by 9am on Wednesday to be included!
Internal Mail: M300
Phone: (08) 6488 3194
Office: Guild South Wing, First Floor, Office 1.03
Lounge: Guild South Wing, First Floor, Room 1.05
Twitter: @UWAPSA

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