Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Changes to the Scholars Centre

Dear Postgraduate Students,

There have been several rumours circulating about changes to the Scholars Centre in the Reid Library. The following information is what has been told to the PSA from the Library Executive.

During the current renovation and relocation of the Scholars Centre in the Reid Library the current plan is to no longer offer permanent desk space to honours and postgraduate students. The Library have noted that it is not the responsibility or a requirement for the Library to provide permanent desk space for postgraduate students as this responsibility lies with the Faculties. In the new refurbishment there will be up to double the desk space provided for postgraduate and honours students in the Scholars Centre, with the inclusion of group working areas. However, none of this desk space will be assigned. Lockers will be provided in the scholars centre for students wishing to leave books, laptops, etc there.

The library has assured the PSA that they are currently consulting with the Faculty of Arts and other Faculties on the issue of desk allocation. The Library have guaranteed us that they will be flagging this change with the Faculties to warn them of the increased pressures that will be placed on existing desk space.
I realise that this is not news that postgraduates in the Scholars Centre will want to hear. The library has told me that they will be informing all of the affected individuals of what is happening as soon as the plans are finalised. For more information or up to date information I encourage affect postgraduates to contact the library.

As the PSA is informed of more information we will update the postgraduate community.

Thank you,

Gemma Bothe

2013 PSA President. 

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