Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Alligators and Money, oh my!

Fans of the Newsletter might recall the May 3rd newsletter asked for reports of any alligator sightings. One has been duly communicated to me! This brave alligator will scout out locations across UWA campuses and will send me a photo each week. I will post the photo on the Facebook page, and if you can get 15 UWA postgraduates in a photo in the same location as the alligator, you win $50 for the group to spend on something together. Coffee, Friday drinks, pizzas – anything the 15 of you decide. Sound fun?
I am acutely aware of the limitations of being an organisation which spans the whole university - it means that while we're able to represent you on a univeristy level, and advocate for postgrads with a degree of authority, we're not able to engage on a discipline level and deal with your everyday needs. But, I'd like to try to make sure that you have a fantastic postgraduate experience and get to know the other people toiling away in your school as much as I can - and I think this is a fun way for you to break the ice with people you might not have spoken to before!
This is not a clue. Don't get too excited and barge into my office.
1. The alligator photo will be posted on Facebook by 5pm Monday. Your group photo must be emailed to by 5pm the following Sunday to claim the cash.
2. The 15 people in the photo must be current, active UWA postgrads, and the email must contain their names and student numbers so I can check. You must also name/describe the location.
3. Generally, first photo of 15 will win – however, if your group does something funny and quirky, I reserve the right to choose you as the winners. Also, if the same group keeps submitting, I might favour someone new over old winners. Committee members are eligible to enter.
4. If there are no winners in one week, the money will roll over to the next week. Woo!
5. You may use the Facebook page to try and gather additional postgrads to make up your 15, however, the point is that you talk to the people in the offices/labs/carrels around you. So do that first.
6. This will run for a four week trial – if you don’t participate, or if it’s always the same group, then I’ll scrap it.

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