Thursday, June 28, 2012

Conference Funding FYI

FYI for Arts Postgraduates and Conference Funding
Hello fellow postgraduates!
I recently queried conference funding and registration reimbursements (note: not travel reimbursements) and thought I would pass along this spectacular news to the rest of the Arts PGs.

First, the background information:
I'm presenting a paper at the upcoming CMEMS/PMRG 'Receptions: Medieval and Early Modern Cultural Appropriations' Conference at St. Catherine's College here at UWA. The conference runs 17-18 August and should be amazing (for any of you interested, here's the link to the conference:

As you know a bit too well, every conference has its fees. This one has a $90 registration fee - not bad, especially since the dual CMEMS/PMRG and postgraduate student discount is built into this fee.
However, I did pause for a second and think - wait a minute! I'm presenting my first paper at a conference! But I thought I didn’t qualify for any of my funding support since it is all for travel only and so would have to pay for my first paper presentation out of my own pocket, right?

WRONG! After asking around to quite a few people, Humanities Graduate Research Coordinator, Rob Stuart, gave me some fantastic news - you can get reimbursed for conference fees!

Here is the information he sent me:

Rob's introductory explanation:
The schools in the Faculty had to bring their funding entitlements into agreement last year, so all three of them would now have a policy on-line that says more or less what Humanities' website does about conference funding.

The website says:
Conference travel funding
The School encourages its postgraduates to attend conferences and provides up to $740 to cover conference travel and attendance costs when the candidate is presenting a paper.
Applications must demonstrate a clear research benefit to the student, and have the written support of the supervisor.
Funding will be provided only after conference organisers have accepted the proposed paper for presentation and only if a student has applied for all other available University funding for attendance (such as the University Graduate Research Student Travel Award).

Rob's closing explanation:
As you can see, it's pretty clear that conference membership fees are a legitimate expense that can be funded. This should be true across the Faculty.

Thus, Arts pgs: reap the rewards of my true expat American nature and CLAIM YOUR FUNDING!

Hope this brightens your day as much as it did mine! If you’re in other Faculties which have a similar scheme, let the PSA know, so that all of your colleagues can also benefit!

2012 Vice President

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