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Newsletter 13th June 2012

Hi all!
 I hope that you’re all in one piece after the killer storm that was promised! I’m pleased to say that the office and the lounge are still intact, so life for the committee goes on uninterrupted. Connect was fun! It was great to see so many of you there, including the lovely Mendel Baba! By the way, if you intercept drinks on their way from the bar to the table outside, I will ask you to leave. Taking free stuff from the mouths of other postgrads is not ok!
Last week, I was lucky enough to hear a paper at the Limina Conference co-presented by four students in Anthropology. These students have been working hard to try and establish a feeling of community within their cohort. This is one of the things PSA was established to try and foster, and it’s really important to me that postgrads at UWA don’t feel isolated. However, at a disciplinary or school level, I think it is up to postgrads to do create this community – PSA doesn’t have the resources to go to each and every school, centre, and discipline office and organise something for the postgrads there. Also, we don’t know what you already have/need/want!
What we do want to do is make it easy and fun for your discipline to get together and relax, and also let you get to know some people from other areas. So we run Connect, the Quiz Night, and a Cocktail party. We provide the Small Grants, and the Lounge. Is there anything else you would like us to do though?
There is one thing that I’m going to try. Fans of the Newsletter might recall the May 3rd newsletter asked for reports of any alligator sightings. One has been duly communicated to me! You can see his photo with me at Connect on the Facebook page ( This brave alligator will scout out locations across UWA campuses (though probably not Albany – sorry dudes) and will send me a photo each week. I will post the photo on the Facebook page, and if you can get 15 UWA postgraduates in a photo in the same location as the alligator, you win $50 for the group to spend on something together. Coffee, Friday drinks, pizzas – anything the 15 of you decide. Sound fun?
1. The alligator photo will be posted on Facebook by 5pm Monday. Your group photo must be emailed to by 5pm the following Sunday to claim the cash.
2. The 15 people in the photo must be current, active UWA postgrads, and the email must contain their names and student numbers so I can check. You must also name/describe the location.
3. Generally, first photo of 15 will win – however, if your group does something funny and quirky, I reserve the right to choose you as the winners. Also, if the same group keeps submitting, I might favour someone new over old winners. Committee members are eligible to enter.
4. If there are no winners in one week, the money will roll over to the next week. Woo!
5. You may use the Facebook page to try and gather additional postgrads to make up your 15, however, the point is that you talk to the people in the offices/labs/carrels around you. So do that first.
6. This will run for a four week trial – if you don’t participate, or if it’s always the same group, then I’ll scrap it.
Such a long entry from me today! First photo will be posted next Monday – so email any feedback/questions through ASAP.
As always, if you have issues or question let me know!
Stay toastie, posties!
Law students: Do you exist? Join the PSA Committee and represent postgrad law students! Email Aisling at
Are you a woman? Graduate Women WA bursaries/scholarships are open again until 12pm on the 27th of July. I assume the old form is still valid:
Rookie teachers! The Centre for Teaching and Learning have a course for you! Check it out:
Money? Money! Convocation and PSA co-fund some travel awards! Applications are open on the 1st of July:
Threesome! By which, of course, I mean the three most awesome PSAs in WA (UWA, Curtin, and Murdoch) are co-hosting a networking event! It will be held at Curtin on the 19th of July from 6pm to 9pm. More details for you when I have them, but save the date!
Cold? You can shelter in the PSA Lounge! Ask for the key at Guild reception. Also, there are a million packets of sugar in there, if your coffee needs sweetening.
Mature ones: The Mature Age Student Network Australia (MASNA) is having their first ever conference! See: for the details.
Need peace and quiet? Quiet Day is happening again on 26th July on a lovely bush block in Mundaring, the cost is $50 including lunch, morning and afternoon teas ($35 for PhD students). Email or phone Michael for more information on 0435 065326.
H4X0R: PhD student, Jo, is also a blogger writing about lots of interesting things, but I recommend you check out her most recent post in particular:
National Student Leadership Forum: Is running in Canberra from the 20th to the 23rd of September, info is here: If you’d like to be the postgraduate representative from UWA, please apply by sending a brief CV; your statement of academic record; a single page explaining why you think the Forum is valuable and what you could contribute to by the 3rd of August.
Do you want to put a notice in the newsletter? You should email me! I’ll spruik most things related to postgrads, professional development, and activities. Newsletter day is currently Wednesday, so email two sentences and any links to by 9am on Wednesday to be included!

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