Thursday, January 17, 2013

PSA Newsletter 16th of January

Hello Again!
(Yes I am already running out of witty ways to greet you all)

So and I am here writing to you all again, it feels like I only just did this last week…..Oh wait, I DID only just do this last week.

So over the last week not too much has been happening. I saw some postgrads using the PSA Lounge and became unusually happy (you see what you have all made my life, I’m turning into Aisling and getting bizarrely upbeat over PSA things). If you want to make me even happier- use the PSA Lounge more.  It’s room 1.05 Guild South Wing, right next to my office!

Again I remind you about the first Connect of the year on Feb 7th  at Uni Club 5-6pm, come, mingle, be happy (pretty pretty please). 

St Catherine’s is looking for tutors for some economics semester 1 units. If you are economically inclined and looking for some pin money (I felt the need to get a little old fashioned there) please contact Joanne van Vuuren:

InSPiRE is full- you all snoozed so you loozed (yes I know loozed isn’t a word, but like I said on the Facebook page it sounds better than lost. If you want to go on the waiting list for any of the days please contact Tash Ayres at

The Reid Library will be partially air-conditioned again this coming Wednesday, however the current date for it to be properly fixed is the 6th of Feb.

Most of you would have received postscript around Christmas- how awesome is it! About 40 of you didn’t because they have ended up in my office marked ‘RETURN TO SENDER’. Why? You may be asking, Why would poor toiling postgraduates not receive a brilliantly produced free magazine made just for them? The answer is because YOU have not kept you mailing details up to date through student connect. So fly my pretties! Fly to student connect and check your details- you need to go there to make sure you have no overdue fines and to check on your enrolment anyway. 

Now that I have just ordered you all around like I’m the wicked witch of the west I will bid you good day.

Until next week,

  • 2013 PSA Committee: There are still some positions open on the 2013 committee, so if you’ve got the desire to volunteer and a passion for postgraduates, shoot me an email!

New members welcome for:
Coursework Officer
Indigenous Officer
Education Fac Rep
  •  Connect February 7th! Uni Club 5-6pm. Be there or be object with four sides of equal length which meet at 90 degree angles (I’m trying to say square).

  •  The PSA Lounge (room 1.05 Guild South Wing) will be open for use by any postgraduate student anytime. In case it’s locked you can pick up the keys from the Guild reception.

·         The Reid Library will be partially air-conditioned again this coming Wednesday, however the current date for it to be properly fixed is the 6th of Feb.

  • Need a haircut and a job? I can’t help with the first but I can with the job….
St Catherine's is currently looking for tutors for the following semester-1 units starting in February:

- Econ 2272 Econometrics 
- Econ 3372 Advance Mathematics for Economists

The standard is to do one tutorial of one hour per week. But there are some exceptions if students feel they require more and often the tutor can negotiate this with the students themselves. Date and time is also decided on between the tutor and the students. Pay is $55 per hour
If interested please contact Joanne van Vuuren
  • Let's pat ourselves on the back! If you know any UWA postgrads who have done anything exceptional in their field of late let us know and we'll include a shout-out in the newsletter and blogposts! We're proud of our postgrads and would love to celebrate your achievements!

  • Check your student email!! Your student email is where the GRS communicates with you – regardless of if you have a staff account, or still use the same Hotmail account you set up when you were 12 years old. Check that and Student Connect at least once a week to ensure that you don’t have any outstanding fines, fees, milestones which might lead to an encumbrance – this would prevent the automatic re-enrolment of research students! Bad times for everyone.

Don’t start whinging if you’re not re-enrolled, check your student email NOW!

Do you want to put a notice in the newsletter? You should email me! I’ll plug most things related to postgrads, professional development, and activities. Newsletter day is currently Wednesday, so email two sentences and any links to by 9am on Wednesday to be included!
Twitter: @UWAPSA
Internal Mail: M300

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