Thursday, January 24, 2013

Newsletter 24th of January 2013

Greetings Fellow Postgraduate Students.
How are we all this week? Looking forward to the long weekend, I am sure. This week there isn’t too much news (but I do say that every week).
Thank you everyone that volunteered to be part of the Guild Catering review. I did not realise how many people felt that strongly about food.
I am plugging the PSA Lounge yet again. Room 1.05 Guild South Wing. It is a great space, with couches, and desks, and a microwave and with me right next door  J  (I have T2 tea and I do share)
The first Connect is looming! Thursday the 7th of January- UWA Club 5pm-6pm
The Reid Library is partially air-conditioned again, but the air-con will not be working fully again until the 6th of Feb.
Speaking of the library how many of you have realised that the library fines system at UWA changed last year? The trusty old points system no longer exists! It is now a dollars system. Want more information? Hit up the Information Services website:
The IAS looks like it is going to have some great public lectures and master classes this year! If you are interested check out their website at
Committee note Jarrad Bothe has nominated to be PSA Coursework Officer and Eileen Slater has nominated to be the Education Faculty Rep. As per our constitution I am advertising their interest for 7 days so that people can comment or raise concerns before they are appointed to the position. Before you ask….yes Jarrad and I are related- he is my brother. If you have an issue with that, or with Eileen or Jarrad taking up the positions please let me, or the Vice President, Kara Salter (, know before the 30th of January.
We still have some other positions open on the 2013 committee: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Officer, and Engineering Rep. E-mail me if you are interested.
Finally do you have a problem with a unit, supervisor or assessment mark? Did you know there are a couple of places you could go to talk about this confidentially? For research students the Graduate Education Officers (GEOs) offer a range of services and for coursework students the Student Assist Officers in the Guild are trained to deal with these issues. If you have a problem don’t ignore it, it will probably get worse.

That is all for this week,

  • 2013 PSA Committee: There are still some positions open on the 2013 committee, so if you’ve got the desire to volunteer and a passion for postgraduates, shoot me an email!

New members welcome for:
Engineering Fac Rep
Indigenous Officer

·         Jarrad Bothe has nominated to be PSA Coursework Officer and Eileen Slater has nominated to be the Education Faculty Representative.  If you have an issue or concern please e-mail me at or Kara Salter (VP) at before the 30th of January
  •  Connect February 7th! Uni Club 5-6pm. Be there or be object with four sides of equal length which meet at 90 degree angles (I’m trying to say square).
·          The PSA Lounge (room 1.05 Guild South Wing) will be open for use by any postgraduate students anytime. In case it’s locked you can pick up the keys from the Guild reception.
·         IAS is holding many interesting and useful public lectures and master classes this year. Check them out at
·         The Reid Library is partially air-conditioned again; however the current date for it to be properly fixed is the 6th of Feb.

·         The Library Fines system changed last year. Check out the new system at
  • Check your student email!! Your student email is where the GRS communicates with you – regardless of if you have a staff account, or still use the same Hotmail account you set up when you were 12 years old. Check that and Student Connect at least once a week to ensure that you don’t have any outstanding fines, fees, milestones which might lead to an encumbrance – this would prevent the automatic re-enrolment of research students! Bad times for everyone.

Don’t start whinging if you’re not re-enrolled, check your student email NOW!

Do you want to put a notice in the newsletter? You should email me! I’ll plug most things related to postgrads, professional development, and activities. Newsletter day is currently Wednesday, so email two sentences and any links to by 9am on Wednesday to be included!
Twitter: @UWAPSA
Internal Mail: M300

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