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Newsletter 9th of January 2013

Howdy Postgrads!
Happy New Year! It’s me, your friendly neighbourhood Postgraduate Association President here again. I know I know, you’re all thinking, ‘I swear we got a couple of weeks off from the mad woman’s ramblings’. Well you did, and now they’re over, so I’m here again, talking at you, telling you things and writing editorials which just go on and on and on and on and on and on.
I hope you have all had a nice relaxing break and enjoyed the horribly hot weather by soaking yourselves in a body of water. Speaking of horribly hot things the Reid Library’s air-conditioning is out, it looks as if it will be that way for a few weeks. So if you need an alternative space to study and/or desk to set up for a few weeks the PSA Lounge is available. It is located just next door to me: Room 1.03 First Floor Guild South Wing (directly below the Medical Centre). There are 4 big empty desks just sitting in there waiting for some postgrad study love. Alternatively if you don’t want to utilise the fantastic space that is provided for postgrads I guess you could go and study in another library, if you had to, but you don’t want to, you want to come to the PSA Lounge.
Our first Connect of the year will be happening in February on the 7th. As per usual it will happen from 5pm to 6pm at the Uni Club. Just a secret between you and me- I have only ever been to one Connect before, so I am hoping that you all come to the first Connect of the year and be my friends J
Finally postgrads; go to InSpire. The UWA day is the only one still taking registrations. The line-up looks pretty amazing with sessions being held on data management, working with animals, ethics in the lab, confidentiality agreements, working with human material (that sounds gross), responsibilities in publication and research collaboration! With a line up like that there is surely something on that would interest you. Plus I am going to be there, so again, you should all come and be my friends. If the lure of my potential friendship doesn’t tempt you, the PSA is putting on free food afterwards. How could you possibly turn down free food?
They are the big things for now. But there is other stuff below in the notices that you should read too….

·        2013 PSA Committee: There are still some positions open on the 2013 committee, so if you’ve got the desire to volunteer and a passion for postgraduates, shoot me an email!

New members welcome for:Coursework Officer
Indigenous Officer
Education Fac Rep
·        Connect February 7th! Uni Club 5-6pm. Be there or be object with four sides of equal length which meet at 90 degree angles (I’m trying to say square).

·        The PSA Lounge (room 1.03 Guild South Wing) will be open for use by any postgraduate student anytime. In case it’s locked you can pick up the keys from the Guild reception.

·        Need a haircut and a job? I can’t help with the first but I can with the job….
St Catherine's is currently looking for tutors for the following semester-1 units starting in February:

- Econ 2272 Econometrics 
- Econ 3372 Advance Mathematics for Economists

The standard is to do one tutorial of one hour per week. But there are some exceptions if students feel they require more and often the tutor can negotiate this with the students themselves. Date and time is also decided on between the tutor and the students. Pay is $55 per hour
If interested please contact Joanne van Vuuren

·        The old mailing list, Postgrad Talk is deleted. Yes I know most of you have no idea that it existed but if you're still on it this notice is for you!

·        Let's pat ourselves on the back! If you know any UWA postgrads who have done anything exceptional in their field of late let us know and we'll include a shout-out in the newsletter and blogposts! We're proud of our postgrads and would love to celebrate your achievements!

·        Check your student email!! Your student email is where the GRS communicates with you – regardless of if you have a staff account, or still use the same Hotmail account you set up when you were 12 years old. Check that and Student Connect at least once a week to ensure that you don’t have any outstanding fines, fees, milestones which might lead to an encumbrance – this would prevent the automatic re-enrolment of research students! Bad times for everyone.

Don’t start whinging if you’re not re-enrolled, check your student email NOW!

·        Inter-Uni Summer School! Registrations for the inaugural Inter-uni Summer-school for Postgraduate Research Excellence (InSPiRE) are now open, please sign up! There will be a free PSA food on afterwards. Currently there are more students from other unis attending then people from UWA and I would much rather give free food out to UWA postgrads.

InSPiRE will be held from February 11th – 15th 2013, with the opening day being held at the University Club of WA. The remainder of the week will be held across the four other Western Australian Universities, and students may register for single days, multiple days or for the whole week. The program will feature guest speakers from the industry and community, interactive workshops and networking events, and fantastic prize giveaways.

Numbers are strictly limited, and the students will need to register early to avoid disappointment.

InSPiRE is FULL, so registrations are now closed. Sorry Postgrads- you snoozed so you loozed (yes I know loozed is not a word but it sounds cooler then lost)

Do you want to put a notice in the newsletter? You should email me! I’ll plug most things related to postgrads, professional development, and activities. Newsletter day is currently Wednesday, so email two sentences and any links to by 9am on Wednesday to be included!

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