Friday, October 19, 2012

2012 PSA AGM Agenda

 2012 UWA Postgraduate Students’ Association Annual General MeetingAgenda: 26th October, 5.30pm, Arts Lecture Room 5


1.       President’s Report
2.       Treasurer’s Report/Presentation of PSA Financial Statement

Issues for discussion and debate

3.       The position of the PSA within the Guild: Possible models for change
a.       Merger
b.      Reform
c.       Separation
4.       Recommendations of 2012 PSA Committee, for ratification by the members of the PSA
a.       Cessation of PSA membership for Association members
                                                               i.      From the minutes of the Committee 20th of September: Given that membership of the PSA is automatic once a student enrolls in a postgrad course at UWA, the committee was asked when membership should cease. The committee determined that membership ceases once the student has a ‘disenrolled’ status.
b.      Terms of Office for PSA Committee members
                                                               i.      Given that some postgrads may complete before their committee term has ended, the 2012 committee was asked to determine whether the elected rep would still be eligible to remain as part of the Committee. The committee determined that they were.
5.       Constitutional Amendments
a.       Section 11, A, iv, j: “Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Representative” to “Faculty of Arts Representative”
b.      Section 11, A, iv, o and Section 11, A, iv, q: “Faculty of Life and Physical Sciences Representative” and “Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences Representative”. Delete both, and replace with Section 11, A, iv, o “Faculty of Science Representative”.

Election of the 2013 Committee

6.       The election will run in the following order:
a) President and Senate Representative
b) Vice-President
c) Secretary
d) Treasurer
e) Media Officer
f) Equity Officer
g) International Student’s Officer
h) Coursework Student’s Officer
i) Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts Representative
j) Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Representative
k) Business School Representative
l) Faculty of Education Representative
m) Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics Representative
n) Faculty of Law Representative
o) Faculty of Life and Physical Sciences Representative
p) Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry Representative
q) Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences Representative
r) Ordinary committee members (2 positions)

Other Business

7.       Presentation of inaugural PSA Leadership and Community Service Award
8.       Thanks of the 2012 PSA Committee
9.       Close of meeting
The meeting will be followed by a sundowner for all members and guests who attended the entire meeting.

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