Thursday, October 25, 2012

Election Updates!

Postgrads, the election is tomorrow night!
Absentee ballots close in just over an hour!
Exciting time all around!

I must inform you of a late withdrawal from the the Presidential nominees. Below is an email I received from Nima at 15.37 25th October:

Dear Aisling

I had a meeting with my supervisor this afternoon and I talked with him about nominating myself for PSA committee position. Unfortunately he was not happy with my decision at all as my work load is going to increase in a couple of months starting some new external projects for the industry. As a result I have decided to cancel my nomination for the President position and would like to wish the best for the remaining candidates


The Presidential candidates are now: Gemma Bothe, Elliot Smith, and Siddartha S. Verma.
See you tomorrow for the election!
(By the way, totally started a Twitter hashtag for the AGM! You can follow my excitment about the election on #2012PSAGM)

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