Thursday, October 18, 2012

Election: Next steps

So, nominations closed today! Let me run through a brief summary for you:

Number of nominations:

President: 4 nominees
VP: 3 nominees
Secretary: 1 nominee
Treasurer: 1 nominee
Media Officer: 0 nominees - nominations will be accepted from the floor at the AGM
Equity Officer: 0 nominees - nominations will be accepted from the floor at the AGM
International Officer: 2 nominees
Coursework Officer: 0 nominees - nominations will be accepted from the floor at the AGM
Indigenous Officer: 0 nominees - nominations will be accepted from the floor at the AGM
Faculty Reps:
ALVA: 1 nominee
Arts: 1 nominee
Business School: 1 nominee
Education: 0 nominees - nominations will be accepted from the floor at the AGM
Engineering: 1 nominee
Law: 0 nominees - nominations will be accepted from the floor at the AGM
FLPS: 2 nominees
MDHS: 0 nominees - nominations will be accepted from the floor at the AGM
FNAS: 0 nominees - nominations will be accepted from the floor at the AGM
Ordinary Committee member: 2 nominees

Who are these nominees?

In alphabetical order by last name:

Vipul Agarwal
Nominated for: FLPS

Gemma Bothe
Nominated for: President and OCM
This year, as a commencing postgraduate, I have seen how beneficial the PSA can be, and I would love to be a part of that in 2013. Postgraduate education at UWA is, at times, lonely, isolating and intimidating. This year in Anthropology and Sociology we have tried to combat this through the introduction of a peer-mentoring programme and postgraduate run, semi-regular, workshops. Being a part of these programmes has made me realise how much postgraduates benefit from the support of our peers. Being a part of trying to make these programmes into an official, university run trial in Anthropology and Sociology for 2013, has made me realise how much we all benefit from the support of an active PSA. With your backing I hope to be a part of the PSA next year so that I can be a part of the continuing support that the PSA gives postgraduates.

Charmaine Fernandez
Nominated for: Arts
Charmaine Fernandez is a doctoral candidate in the discipline of English and Cultural Studies at the University of Western Australia. Her thesis considers contemporary Singaporean fringe theatre as a vehicle for socio-political activism and expression, focusing on representations of characters neglected or silenced by the State narrative. Her other research interests include fantasy fiction, film and pedagogical developments in special needs education.Charmaine believes in the value that academic collaboration and peer support adds to postgraduate life. Initial feelings of isolation and disconnectedness are more quickly overcome with the resources provided by an existing peer network. Charmaine is enthusiastic about working with stakeholders to improve the postgraduate experience. As Arts Faculty Representative, Charmaine aims to (1) work toward increasing structural support of and access to information for newly enrolled postgraduates, (2) help to make more opportunities for academic collaboration available, and (3) obtain greater institutional support to ensure the continuity of such efforts

Revanth Garlapati
Nominated for: ECM
I have been the PSA ECM Rep for the 5 months. During this period, I have actively assisted the PSA committee in organizing events such as quiz night and family picnic. I also made editorial contribution to the postgraduate student magazine-Postscript. At the faculty level, I have promoted the interests of the postgraduate students in the faculty board meetings. I have more to offer to the postgraduate student community. Hence I would like to continue in my current position for another term.

Fatima Khushnud
Nominated for: Business

Simon Kilbane
Nominated for: ALVA

Nima Moradi
Nominated for: President
Having studied here for the last 3 years at both Master and PhD postgraduate levels, I have a really good insight of life at UWA. The postgraduate experience is a unique opportunity to develop skills that makes a profession, it's a trade of between sleepless nights and a brighter future! An angry supervisor and the joy of a published paper! it is a scaled model of the life. Yes that's the way posties handle this experiment! however to make sure you are not producing crappy results with 100% confidence or not crashing your simulations, you need some magical stuff! Here at PSA we intend to help you use your own magical stuff (you mind!), utilizing an appropriate and balanced method to enjoy both your life and your studies! It would be an honour for me to be with you, work with each other to promote outselves and enjoy this period together. WITHDRAWN

Kara Salter
Nominated for: VP
Heading into my fourth year this year... and heading out of scholarship… I’ve had a chance to experience several different postgraduate perspectives. As a parent to a 16month old it is really important to me that the time I spend at uni is as productive as possible. I believe that that productivity is helped by the support of a strong postgraduate community. I really am passionate about this and had found my discipline lacking in such a community. Now after the efforts of many postgrads I feel a part of a supportive community in my discipline and in Arts. I want to see that grow and do what I can to seek structural support for its continuation. I see the PSA as a great place to help implement changes like this and also to help others across the university achieve changes they might want in their own disciplines.

Elliot Smith
Nominated for: President and VP

Jenny Tung
Nominated for: International Students Officer
I am from Hong Kong (same land as Jackie Chan) and can speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin fluently. I am reliable, friendly and organized. I have studied in the United Kingdom for 6 years and the end of this November will mark a full year in Australia, so I know what is it like is to study/live overseas and would love to make YOU feel at home during your stay in UWA/Aussie Land. I’ve also travelled a lot, so I’ve been exposed to different cultures. I was elected as Deputy Head of House and Captain of Chapel Choir in my high school back in UK, and I am now the social secretary of SCR (senior student group) at St. Catherine’s College, UWA. Through these responsibilities, I have developed leadership and communication skills. I hope to put my skills to good use by taking on the responsibilities of the ISO of PSA.
Siddartha S. Verma
Nominated for: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer, International Students Rep, FLPS

What happens now?

On Friday I'll confirm that all of these candidates are eligible to run for election to the PSA committee and for each of the positions they have nominated for, then I will use a random number generator to choose the positions for each candidate on the ballot papers for the positions which will need them (President, VP, International, and FLPS).
Friday will also be the day that people who need an absentee vote will get the info on how to do that.
In the meantime, read the info provided by the people above, and consider any questions you might like to ask them at the AGM. Think about the positions with no nominations, and consider if that is how you might like to contribute.
Most of all, block the 26th of October 5.30pm out in your diary, come to the AGM and VOTE. I don't know if PSA have ever had this many Presidential candidates before? But if you want your PSA to be run for you, you need to take ownership of it!
An exciting week ahead! Stay tuned to the blog for further updates!

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